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Ford Power Equipment

On June 16, 1903, in Detroit (Michigan) Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. The cars manufactured by the company revolutionized the entire world’s transporting ways. Ford gradually grew to be one of the largest international companies.

In 1908 the Ford T entered the market. This model achieved a large number of significant innovations, some of which continue to the present days.  To 1920 most of American drivers had learned to drive in a Ford T. In the 1930’s, the Ford Motor Company was one of the American companies that managed to survive the Great Depression. The Ford 49 was created in 1949. This model opened a new era of leadership, after the World War II.

In 1956, Ford Motor Company entered the aerospace industry, joining the division of Aeronautic. This opening made possible a significant company participation in technological successes of high-profile and was part of an early concern of the organization by entering the electronic market.

In December 1961, Ford purchased Philco. After this acquisition, Philco became a global producer of household appliances.

In June 1963, Ford transferred the Aeronautics division to Philco, which continued with the development of aerospace tracking systems and communications satellites. It is worth to remember that the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston was designed by Philco in the mid-60’s. This division also helped to develop ARPANET, a forerunner in the development of the Internet.

Ford was recognized as one of the 50 more innovative companies by the Fast Company’s 2013. Today it’s revolutionizing the future of electrical vehicles.

Ford Power Equipment is part of this tradition of innovation and quality. We base our work in the highest standards of reliability and technological development, in the same way that Ford Motor Company does. We design and develop our tools based on innovation, comfort, and  reliability.

Ford marked very high design standards in the automotive industry - the same that we have when we produce our equipment - marking forefront and ensuring reliability and power.

Thanks to Ford, fashion and custom-designed vehicles are within the reach of everyone. At Ford Power Equipment, we work to achieve the same goal.